Jordan P. Vappie serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Everything Sneakey. Jordan, a natural problem solver, has been “tinkering” for years. From taking apart his first toaster at six years old to see how it worked, to developing fitness equipment, the Straight Line System and the JBX system, Jordan’s appetite for creating has always been present.

Jordan’s career began as a home health aide in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, where served bed-ridden patients for five years. During that time Jordan started the journey of finding solutions for everyday nuisances. Jordan transitioned in 1998 to a Health Promoter and also became a Certified Fitness Trainer. In 2000, after moving to Los Angeles, Jordan made fitness his career.

During the next several years, Jordan toyed with many ideas related to fitness to assist clients attain the best workouts. Two of those ideas became products, and the Straight Line System was featured on QVC in April of 2012.

Since then Jordan’s passion for developing innovative solution based products has flourished. Jordan, along with his business partner, Heath Butler, formed Everything Sneakey in 2016 to serve as a home for Jordan’s creative initiatives.

Jordan’s first “Sneakey” product is the SneaKey Bag.

It’s a key chain, it’s a bag, it’s very sneaky.

The SneaKey Bag is a reusable shopping and utility bag that is always available to you. The SneaKey Bag was born in California where plastic bags have become extinct so that sea-life, like the turtle, remain. Many grocery stores in California, and in fifteen countries, have been mandated to charge a nominal fee every time you receive a shopping bag.

Jordan’s bag solves this problem by embedding the bag inside of a lanyard; a novelty item many consumers are already carrying, thus providing a “SneaKey” reusable bag. The SneaKey Bag was designed to be ready instantaneously. The SneaKey Bag can also be used as a handle to carry multiple bags in one hand. After using the life-saving, life-changing lanyard/bag, you will only want to be SneaKey!

SneaKey Bag, it’s a key chain, it’s a bag, it’s very Sneakey.