Why should advertising and marketing companies get SneaKey?

Goals: Help your clients enhance brand awareness and Increase customer satisfaction.

SneaKeyBag gets your clients’ attention as a product that features their brand, front and center.

The SneaKeyBag can be customized for any design need.

Generate Interest

Are your clients always asking, “What’s new?” or “Show me something different”? Once you demonstrate SneaKeyBag’s versatility and branding opportunities, they’ll instantly see the tremendous upside for their business.

All you need to do is take this stylish, yet practical, lanyard off your neck or out of your pocket and demonstrate how it works. Watching it unfold into its SneaKeyBag form, easily expand to 5x its size and carry 200x its weight is sure to turn some heads and spark some questions…

“What’s that?” and “Can we brand it however we want?”

This is your opportunity to not only explain the functionality of SneaKeyBag, but also help your clients understand how SneaKeyBag can be used to help drive brand awareness:

Tchotchke giveaways

For your clients, SneaKeyBag is the ultimate brand awareness tool because it’s fun, versatile, stylish and practical - all wrapped up in one product. Who doesn’t want their brand to be associated with these key attributes?

Retail sales

Your clients will be thrilled to offer SneaKeyBag as an impulse buy for their customers. Whether it’s displayed in the check-out line at one of their retail locations or available on their website, SneaKeyBag gives your clients the opportunity to extend their brand’s reach within their respective markets.

Employee uniforms

It’s always exciting to see employees promoting a brand they’re proud to be affiliated with. Your clients can give SneaKeyBag to their staff members as part of their uniform or as a special gift. SneaKeyBag is sure to be an engaging conversation starter wherever they wear or use it!