Why should you get SneaKey to help promote your business?

Goals: Generate interest in and awareness of your brand.

SneaKeyBag can help you do both.

Here’s how.

PROMOTE: Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is all about finding ways to encourage name recognition of your company and help consumers accurately associate it with the products, services and value you deliver, as well as with your community involvement efforts.

SneaKeyBag offers a smart way to pursue this goal by allowing you to customize your lanyards with your company’s colors, logos and designs.

Here are just a few ideas of how your customized SneaKeyBags can help drive brand awareness:

Tchotchke giveaways

Give out your SneaKeyBags at various community events, industry conferences or local sports venues.

Retail sales

Offer SneaKeyBag as an impulse buy at the register or as part of a gift with purchase promotional campaign.

Employee uniforms

Have employees use SneaKeyBag lanyards to carry their ID badges as part of their required uniform.

Business gifts

SneaKeyBags make the perfect pocket-sized gift to share with your business partners and corporate vendors.