What is SneaKey Bag?

A re-usable bag that is disguised as a keychain. It’s very sneakey.


Sneakey Bag utilizes the versatility of a lanyard which can be used to carry your keys or I.D. badge.


And built within the lanyard is a reusable bag that is ready whenever you need it.

How SneaKey Bag Works


  • STEP 1

    Hold lanyard from top to slide off sleeve on both sides to release the mesh bag.

  • STEP 2

    Fan open the mesh bag by holding a cord handle and the strap.

  • STEP 3

    Set the bag flat on a surface with strap placed in the middle. Place your items inside the bag while pulling handles to hug contents.

See the SneaKey Bag in Action

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SneaKey Features

Open Bag

  • open bag area
  • around top rim
  • 18 inches
  • depth
  • 13 inches

Lanyard / Keychain

  • length with hook
  • 23 inches
  • width of one sleeve
  • 1.25 inches
  • depth / fat of sleeve
  • 5 inch
  • hook itself
  • 2 inches long

Why should you get SneaKey?

1It’s convenient

SneaKey Bag is always there when you need it! Put your work or school ID on it, house keys, and you’re good to go! Never forget your grocery bag at home or lose your keys again with the incredibly useful and easy-to-spot SneaKey Bag!

2It will save you money

10¢ / bag


turns into
$ / week


real money into trash

Yes, that’s right! SneaKey Bag will save you money! After you purchase your SneaKey Bag, you will save yourself money each store visit by not buying paper or plastic bags at checkout and instead smartly using your sneakey reusable bag!

3It’s good for the environment

150 plastic bags per year. That’s the average number of bags each person on Earth is responsible for if we averaged out the 500 BILLION single-use plastic bags that are consumed globally each year.

100,000 marine creatures (turtles, dolphins, whales, etc.) die every year due to plastic entanglement or consumption – and that’s just based on what we find and report!

15,000 pieces of plastics are estimated to be dumped into the ocean every single day. That adds up to 6.4 MILLION tons each year.

Scientists have identified over 200 “Dead Zones” in the ocean where sea life can no longer survive due to human pollution. For more information visit: www.oceancrusaders.org


Special Features

  • comfortable sleeve material hugs neck nicely
  • easy open

    and close of sleeve

  • clearly visible, bright-colored handles
  • amazingly expandable & durable
  • carries 200x its weight and 5x its size

  • multi-use hook great for attaching sports timer, ID, keys, trinkets, doggie bags, flashlight, gloves, wallet, phone, travel documents,medical contacts, pictures, passes, souvenirs and much more
  • multi-use features allow over 4,500 uses per year
  • serves as strap to carry additional bags
  • design characteristics for everybody and any occasion
  • easily stows in briefcase, purse, pocket and more
  • it’s the original fidget spinner that twirls around your fingers – twirl, un-twirl, repeat

SneaKey Bag Solves the Plastic Bag Problem

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