Why should outdoor & beach suppliers get SneaKey?

Goals: Drive revenue and extend brand awareness.

SneaKeyBag can help you achieve both of these business initiatives. Here’s how.

The SneaKeyBag can be customized for any design need.

Drive Revenue

Trying to generate more interest for your new products? Looking to offer added value with a desirable promotional item? Once your customers see SneaKeyBag in action, they’ll instantly recognize the tremendous value it has as an outdoor adventure companion.

All you need to do is take this versatile lanyard off your neck or out of your pocket and demonstrate how it works. Watching it unfold into its SneaKeyBag form, easily expand to 5x its size and carry 200x its weight is sure to spark interest and questions…

“What is that?” and “What other colors is it available in?” and “Where can I get one?”

This is your opportunity to explain how SneaKeyBag can be used to minimize the effort involved in preparing for and enjoying activities in the great outdoors.

Whether camping, hiking, boating, fishing, etc., your customers can use SneaKeyBag over and over again. Its durable and easy-to-clean nylon and mesh construction helps support its use in a variety of activities, from transporting camping supplies, to containing wet swimsuits and beach towels, to carrying fishing gear. Your customers will be wanting one for themselves, as well as for all their active friends and family.

  • Include SneaKeyBag as a gift with purchase.
  • Sell it as an impulse-buy next to your register.
  • Promote it, front and center, on your website.

No matter how you spin it, offering SneaKeyBag to your customers is a smart revenue-generation strategy.

Extend Brand Awareness

Did you know SneaKeyBag allows you to customize your lanyards with your company’s colors, logos and designs? That means that each time your customers use their SneaKeyBags, they’ll be silently promoting your business.

But SneaKeyBags are more than revenue-drivers and mini advertisements. 

SneaKeyBags help support environmental protection efforts by helping solve our global plastic bag pollution problem.

Plastic bag laws only go so far. And while most people intend to do their best to protect the planet and its wildlife from the harmful effects of plastic bag pollution, the reality is that they end up forgetting reusable bags at home or choose convenience in a pinch. The lanyard style of SneaKeyBags and their wide range of uses make them more likely to be readily accessible in times of need.

Aligning your brand with this cause is a bold statement of commitment to ensuring enjoyment of the outdoors is something that will be accessible for generations to come.